Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Now is one of those times when I stop my usual routine of nonsense and idiocy and let my mind explore its capacities for deep sensical thinking. This time, my mind tumbled upon

THe analogy of F*CK and SH*T.

leak and poo

My meditation and brainstorming led me to the discovery that indeed, these two most used words have more things in common than being monosyllabic.

1. 90% of the world's population think of them atleast 80% of the time making them the two "most thought of" things in the world. If you're part of the 10%, you're obviously abnormal.

2. They both induce sweating, heavy breathing, tightening of anal muscles, finger crossing, cries of pain, cries of pleasure, panting and twitching of the eyes . On extreme cases, they also cause blinding sensations and spasm.

3. Both have THE CLIMAX. THe final moment of sweet deliverance. Paradise Found.

4. MUST BE DONE IN PRIVATE, taped, then sent to youtube. It's just too morbid when seen live.

5. Involves the simultaneous insertion of a long, oblong shaped thing into a hole.

6. Also, 80% of the world's population mention these words or it's variations atleast twice a day. IF you're part of the 20%, you're abnormal.

Unfortunately, I have to end my brainstorming for this mind boggling topic because I still have a problem set to answer. I also have to stop typing because I have nothing more to say.pakchet!


Marie said...

Hang cute naman ng picture! :) never thought shit could look this god. Hahaha. <3

Marie said...

oh darn. typo error. "good" dapat. hehe

Carl said...

Wow. A product of deep thought and meditation. Ngayon ko lang rin naisip ang mga pinagsasabi mo.